Welcome to Avalon!

We have had Bearded Collies for about 20 years. Our first breed was Old English Sheepdogs, and enjoyed them for many years. Beardies just took us over!

We originally had the kennel name of "Showstopper" but felt that the Avalon name held that mystical, magical element that reminds us of the Bearded Collie. They have such deep, soulful eyes, and have a very spiritual quality. (in spite of all the bouncing)

You can usually find us in the show ring, but have started dabbling in herding and rally. (those Beardies like to keep busy)

We breed occasionally. While pedigrees are important, temperament must also be considered. Not every Beardie makes it into the show ring, but they all have to live with families, and be happy, healthy animals.

Have fun looking around and contact us with any questions.

Latest News:

We are deeply saddened at the passing of our beloved Traveler. It was very sudden and we miss him terribly.
Traveler - Am/Can CH Tolkien Haven of Eldar HIC  10/30/04-1/15/16
Forever in our Hearts.

Paisley got two back-to-back majors at the South Windsor KC/Springfield KC shows in Springfield in November!